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K-PIO-M Tablets

COMPOSITIONK-PIO-M TabletsEach Uncoated Bilayered Tablet Contains:Pioglitazone HCl IP eq. to Pioglitazone15 mgMetformin HCl IP (in sustained release form)500 mgINDICATIONSK-PIO-M is indicated for DM in the following situations:

  • Moderate to severe type 2 DM as primary therapy.
  • In those type 2 DM patients wherein therapy with optimal doses of pioglitazone and metformin alone are providing suboptimal blood glucose control.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONOral: Adults: Usual recommended dose: 1 tablet once daily in the morning without regard to food, or as prescribed.HOW SUPPLIED10 Tablets per strip.