Life @ Blue Cross

Our Core Values

Integrity: "Integrity" refers to our compliance with the highest ethical standards, our fairness and honesty in conducting every activity, and our perseverance in pursuing the ideal forms for our operations and management

Respect for individual: Blue Cross’s greatest asset is its employees. Blue cross treats every person with respect, dignity and fairness.

Diversity: Blue Cross values diversity and the benefit of combining the unique qualities and strengths inherent in a diverse workforce. You see, we believe that the most productive team is one that is able to maximize business success by ensuring that the unique contributions of all members are included in the process of finding the best solutions. That's why, at BLUE CROSS, no matter who you are, or what you look like, you will be given the opportunity to have your voice heard - and the opportunity to succeed. At BLUE CROSS, we understand that diversity matters, because great minds don’t always think alike.

Workplace Environment: Blue Cross helps to create and maintain safe and healthy workplace that are free from harassment & discrimination. Our culture is employee friendly, team-oriented and focused on making a real difference.

Equal Employment Opportunity: Blue Cross strictly prohibits discrimination against an employee for employment. Blue Cross hires employees without regards to their race, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, ancestry or any other characteristics protected by law.

Training & Development: Well-trained employees are the key to any business success. At Blue Cross we hire the right talent and then we help them get even better. All new joiners undergo an induction program. This helps the new recruits to adapt with the realities of the industry, company and business unit. Our annual training calendar takes care of ongoing training and development needs of our employees at Pan India level.